Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stanley Pelter: insideoutside

sounds detach
empty birds disappear
and buttercups close

so i will wait for U in the garden ~ sit in the garden that has just been watered ~ waiting for a buttercup to close ~ a buttercup on the grass that waits to be cut ~ the grass just watered ~ in the garden just watered where I read ~ last of the sun not ready to go ~ from nowhere a fly ~ a nowhere fly on me ~ a still fly still sits on me ~ the fly from nowhere tickles ~ i look up ~ look up ~ something is up ~ look up for birds ~ fly nowhere ~ not on me ~ birds nowhere ~ sounds of birds somewhere ~ birds not here ~ bird sounds here ~ bird sounds there ~ sounds detach from birds ~ sounds of young oak tree leaves ~ sounds of young oak leaves wave ~ sound that is not bird sound ~ they are not here ~ they are somewhere ~ waiting to attach sounds ~ their sounds in the garden ~ in the enclosed garden ~ i sit here for U ~ alone with sounds scents of breeze ~ wait for U to come ~ enclosed by greens ~ the enclosed garden just watered ~ so many greens ~ so many enclosed by so many shapes ~ enclosed with so many spaces ~ spaces are shaped by waves ~ wavy shapes ~ U live in spaces of shapes ~ i in spaces ~ wavy spaces of insideoutside ~ insideoutside meet out ~ where i wait for U is not inside ~ i go inside to outside ~ wait for U in the garden just watered ~ inside has inside scents ~ outside has breeze ~ inside scents spread outside ~ breeze blows inside scents ~ the evening garden aromas ~ U will be drunk on aromas ~ sun ends day ~ i say ‘yes’ ~ i say ‘yes’ to inside ~ i say ‘yes’ to outside ~ so i will wait for U in the garden ~ sit in the garden that has just been watered.
wait in the garden
wait in the watered garden
wait wait wait for U

by Stanley Pelter
Claypole, Lincolnshire, England
first published in insideoutside (2008)

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