Sunday, March 23, 2008

Charlie Rossiter: TOM'S PAD

On a visit to my friend, Tom, I get to see his new apartment for the first time since he split from his wife. It”s a nice two bedroom place with huge rooms in a suburb of Hartford, much nicer than I’d expect of a guy newly "batching it.” He’s got new appliances, garbage disposal, and a view of some pleasant woods out the back windows. The bookshelves all around the edge of the living room, as I’d expect, are filled with his poetry collection.
Of course, there are signs that it’s a bachelor’s pad: the furniture doesn’t match; no art on the walls; rabbit ears on the tv; one bedroom used for open storage is half-filled with unopened boxes of stuff; an assortment of half-empty wine bottles sits on the kitchen table by the micro-wave, but the best detail is in the living room.

bachelor pad,
a blue Igloo cooler
for a coffee table

by Charlie Rossiter
Oak Park, Illinois

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