Monday, March 24, 2008


The fusion is near seamless. Around the mouth and eyes is where I first detect it. Then when she nervously flicks a long slender tongue in a half-sensuous, half-menacing way her lizardness comes through. Reptilian mutants are fascinating and replete with myths coloring the facts. Most are women. Their allure is intoxicating. There are tons of websites dedicated to lizard women, but in this day of superlative photo retouching and body alteration it’s difficult to know who is authentic, who is a wannabe. That’s why the reptilian woman sitting across from me in this bus terminal has my full attention. I’m trying not to stare, but as I look closer I can see hints of scaly skin nearly hidden by make up. It’s likely she has brown-green scales running the full length of her spine. And then there are those engaging, slightly-slanted dark eyes. These lizard-humans fall at the crossroads of folklore and the science of de-evolution. There are so many questions I wish to ask, but how do I approach her? This is such a rare opportunity. I can’t let her get away.

dusty hall light
her shadow disappears
into the wall

by Jeffrey Winke
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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