Sunday, December 2, 2007


The former policy of Haibun Today, though open to posting previously published work, was to avoid reprinting materials from higher profile online journals. The editor is sensible to the desire of writers to see wide dissemination of their work, however, and has now decided that prior publication in a popular venue should not preclude the reissuing of an author's good works here.

The following Submission and Copyright Policy, furthermore, is adopted and is now in effect:

Haibun Today accepts both unpublished and previously published works. Contributors who submit work published before are asked to cite the publication venue and year of publication to insure that the original publisher receives proper credit.

Haibun and “Letters to the Editor” may be submitted directly to: (at) gmail (dot) com. Please paste submissions directly into your e-mail and do not forward as an attachment. Query before sending unsolicited essays, articles and announcements for consideration or to forward books for review.

Haibun Today acquires first serial rights to any unpublished work it publishes. The right to reprint such work reverts to the author 30 days after publication in Haibun Today. Publishers of works that first appear in this venue must credit Haibun Today for first publication.

Haibun Today also retains the right to reprint, in electronic or hardcopy form, those works first published here. In the case of previously published materials, Haibun Today will acquire first serial rights, if the author may grant them without violating the rights of the original publisher, plus the right to reprint such work in electronic or hardcopy form.

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