Saturday, December 15, 2007


............ Bernard Gadd

............ the child flings
............ a stone – again
............ the wave tumbles

It was with shock that poets in New Zealand learned of the death on 11 December of the New Zealand poet, Bernard Gadd.

When I first started writing, Bernard published my first poem and he was mentor for many aspiring poets and authors. He was always available to proof-read, criticise, give advice or help in any way he could.

Bernard had a long career as a high school teacher and technical institute tutor in English as a second language (ESOL) and had short stories, novels, drama and non-fiction published. Many of his published works were aimed towards teenagers.

Bernard won several prizes for his poetry and also won a prize in the Takahe cultural essay contest in 2004. He was the judge for the 2005 New Zealand Poetry Society International Haiku Contest. His haiku, tanka and poetry have been published internationally both in print and online.

He was also a small press publisher and anthologist, and most recently he was editor of the Auckland anthology Manukau in Poetry. Bernard also wrote many poems about the history of New Zealand. His most recent collection of poetry was Pokeno Opposes the Kaiser (Hallard Press, 2004).

For several years Bernard was the co-editor with Catherine Mair of WinterSpin (which was renamed Kokako and is now co-edited by myself and Owen Bullock). I worked closely as co-editor with Bernard on both WinterSpin and Kokako after Catherine resigned from the position. The magazine was the ‘sister’ of the poetry magazine Spin until it became an independent production and it now concentrates on haiku and related forms of Japanese short poetry.

Patricia Prime
Co-editor of
Auckland, New Zealand


Gabi Greve said...

Thank you for your memories !

GABI from Japan

. World Kigo Database .


Ram Krishna Singh said...

I join Pat in my tribute to Bernard Gadd, who was helpful to new poets from other countries too.
We will all miss him very much. May his soul rest in Peace.