Thursday, December 20, 2007

Katherine Samuelowicz: HIS GRANDMA'S ORANGE

admiring roses
given to me
on my birthday
my mother
can’t recall my name

it’s time to leave to go to the airport I come to my mum saying “mamo, I have to go now, I’m going home, I’ll come back soon, keep well” I kiss her. she sits still, not moving, on the sofa. I walk towards the door. I turn back, come back to her, hug her again she doesn’t hug me back but she is not resisting either. I say again “mamo, I have to go now, I’ll be back soon, see you soon” I put my arms around her, I kiss her. no reaction, again I pick up my bag and start walking towards the door. and again I can’t leave like that without getting some response from her, I keep returning to her, my sister turns away tears in her eyes. I give up after yet another try and then when I’m almost at the door picking up an orange from the bowl of fruits on the table my mum says “take this for Oli”. tears in my eyes I take the orange, put it in my pocket. Brisbane airport

Oli’s arms around me
in quarantine bin
his grandma’s orange

by Katherine Samuelowicz
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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