Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bob Lucky: ANTS

I squat to observe the ants. They form a contrary trickle, two currents shaking legs in opposite directions, ants veering off, bumping into one another, eddies of ants.

A winged insect wobbles in circles, then tries to scale a wall of peeling sun-bleached paint but falls back into a clamor of ants, pops out and falls back again and again. Other ants ignore this and go about their business, antennae waving like wisps of hair on balding sailors, though there is no breeze.

first hot day –
office workers scramble
for a shady spot

by Bob Lucky
Hangzhou, China


Ričardas said...

Beautiful allegory, I liked it a lot.

Lynne Rees said...

I love the attention to detail in this, Bob. It has the kind of attention all good poetry needs.