Friday, October 17, 2008

Jeffrey Harpeng: LIBERATION

On the mani stone by the pathway is a Buddhist prayer for the peace and liberation of all beings. A couple with dogs on leashes pass by. I am following the Avon down to the daffodil lawn where I said goodbye to her, five years ago. On top of the stone somebody has twined supple pine branches and set in feathers and a cone to form a kind of crown. For the once and future king.

Om mani padme hum, the prayer is written. The sky is frosted blue. There is a giddiness in me as if I had just filled with my breath a hundred balloons for a child’s party. Under the grass daffodil bulbs await the spring sun.

a frosted blue balloon
drifts into a vacant lot

by Jeffrey Harpeng
Macgregor, Qld., Australia

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