Sunday, April 13, 2008

Roberta Beary: sunday dinner


i like my husband but not the older sister too bossy for me the way she likes to tell me we don't call him sweetie pie in this house who died and made her queen and the younger sister too always talking money and how poor growing up but mostly i don't like the way they knew him all those stolen years before he found me

the rosethorns
back and forth
by Roberta Beary
Washington, D.C.
first published in Modern Haiku 35.1

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haiku-shelf said...

very interesting! i`m happy that i returned to this blog!

a bit difficult to read (the style, the lack of punctuation) -- but of course, i`m not a native speaker...

very interesting!

best regards,
Angelika Wienert (Oberhausen/Germany)