Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Angelika Wienert: PIAZZA TALE

As always: for my husband red wine, for me white wine.

"When I was young, strangers complimented me."

"What was your last sentence, honey?"

"Strangers made compliments in my youth."


"No, not often. I was shy and had to wear glasses."

"A lot of women have to wear glasses."

"I was too stupid to recognize that I was quite pretty then. Today photos tell me that..."

"Salmon or lamb chops? Or better the vegetarian dish?"

As always: no coffee after lunch.

We walk across the footbridge and reach the piazza.

the dog
opens one eye

by Angelika Wienert
Oberhausen, Germany


Anonymous said...

Dear angelika,
I love your first haibun
Geert Verbeke

Anonymous said...

Dear Angelika,

Very, very nice. The more often I read it, the better I like it.
Cheers from E. in Yokohama

Area 17 said...

Dear Angelika,

I love the haibun.

It reminds me a little of that song Maurice Chevalier sang, but you have added your own piquant poignancy.

I thought the haiku was excellent for the prose. It adds to the haibun prose without mirroring.

More please! ;-)

all my very best,

Less than a month to the deadline!
The With Words International Online Haiku Competition

Bill said...

Great dialogue, Angelika. Especially impressive since English is not your first language. And the haiku provides an elegant denouemont.