Monday, February 18, 2008


Early morning: “Is anyone awake yet?” Eating peanut butter off the crackers, Cinderella’s pink chemise and frilled socks, beagle licking her fingers, with glittering eyes telling stories half-understood. No nap. “Let’s go visit the peacocks and horses!”

appaloosa’s mouth
through split rails: a carrot
on our granddaughter’s palm

Running, full moon rising, sweet gum trees bending. Stopping to smell winter wisteria and early cherry blossoms’ ginger, wanting a sprig, then another. Whoosh, down a slide, “Higher, higher!” in a swing. And getting chilly? She doesn’t care.

under a sea of leaves
an acorn and its tender root –
“let’s plant it, Pappa!”

by Jay Bryan
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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