Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Just a day before the Year of the Rat, sitting in a kopitiam having breakfast, I read about a duck that refuses to die. A farmer outside of Kuala Lumpur slit its throat but several hours later found it still alive. Puzzled, he took it to the local imam who slit its throat again. The next morning it was still an undead duck.

In the photo in the newspaper, the farmer holds the duck with its mangled neck in front of him for the camera. He explains, in the caption, that the duck has stopped eating and has begun to smell a bit but otherwise continues to waddle around in the pen with the other ducks.

eating runny eggs
not giving death
a thought –
perhaps death
will ignore me too

by Bob Lucky
Hangzhou, China

kopitiam = a Chinese-style coffee house in Singapore or Malaysia

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