Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hortensia Anderson: THE EMPTY PLATE

The enameled plums are plump and deeply blue on a creamy underglaze. Camellias bloom over the edges. Three centuries haven’t wilted the pale pink petals nor dulled the porcelain’s glossy finish.

devoured …
the clusters of ripe green grapes
we held in our hands
by Hortensia Anderson
New York City, New York

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Anonymous said...

I think that this piece by Hortensia Anderson epitomizes the character of contemporary haibun composition. Using a definition of haibun by Ken Jones, it has ", concrete, economical imagery, infused with life and energy and eschewing abstraction and intellection." [from contemporary haibun online]. Further, the haiku is a shift of focus, yet sufficient parallel so that the prose and haiku work together to produce something greater than just a short vignette or just another haiku.
Ray Rasmussen