Friday, November 16, 2007

Giselle Maya: A VERNISSAGE

we arrive and she leaves with her daughter we say a few words she has lost some of her former chaleur I wonder why I see our old president he's cut his hair short talking to the somewhat elusive secretary with wild curly hair several quick hellos I see the paintings between people baroque abstract Rubens a touch of eastern european solemnity with muted quick painterly oil brushstrokes the bookstore lady talks to me she's known the painter for 15 years and the Englishman in a mauve shirt likes the black and white drawings I meet the artist with his tonsure from Poland from Forcalquier I say some congratulatory words and he seems pleased and smiles an artist yes

another painter from Sweden says the work is solid the painter knows his metier the show is too densely hung less is more a German painter can't relate to the work at all it is dated smacks of doom she's a minimalist and here is le contraire we move along in an intricate unanticipated dance through the long white chapel miming the movement the painter's brush has made in paint on canvas conversations plans for the association time to go back to one's studio having briefly touched art which is our heart and force and keeps us painting and living

painterly brushstrokes
reflected in an earring
a stream of viewers

by Giselle Maya
Saint Martin de Castillon, Provence, France
first published in Modern Haiku, 2003

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