Friday, June 13, 2008


“She’s quite accomplished in the choral arts,” her queen-size mother would sniff with an air of superiority, while waving a bejeweled hand about. I remember looking up to see the perfect ovals of her nostrils hovering out from her fleshy pink face as it de-wrinkled from over-enunciating “arts.” I was never a friend of Margaret Katherine. But I didn’t make fun of her like the other kids, when she was called and waddled out early for voice lessons or choral practice. The black-habit nuns didn't hear the nastiness or ignored it. Margaret Katherine never graduated from Our Lady of Immaculate Grace grade school. She and her family moved “out of state.” Recently, I was reading a Wikipedia entry on my favorite punk band, Your Middle Digit, when it hit me. The band’s writhing vixen lead singer, Maggi K, who I had an enormous crush on, is Margaret Katherine.

new home
the junk store lamp
looks trendy

by Jeffrey Winke
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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