Tuesday, June 3, 2008

André Surridge: HARRY'S APPLE

It was the merry month of May and I took my New Zealand girlfriend to visit mum in Yorkshire for the first time. My mother had an apple tree affectionately called Harry. Sadly Harry had never produced an apple. Mum threatened to cut it down. In an effort to save Harry my girlfriend suggested we buy an apple and attach it to one of the branches.
tied to the tree
one shiny red apple
on the fruit
a little sticker
Produce of New Zealand

Home from work, mum did a double take when asked had she seen Harry lately. She laughed and said, “If hens can have a dummy egg then there’s no reason why Harry shouldn’t have a dummy apple.”
by André Surridge
Hamilton, New Zealand


haiku-shelf said...

I loved to read this haibun!

A good sense of humour!

Best regards,
Angelika Wienert


Gabi Greve said...

How lovely !
Greetings to Harry ! May he blossom and bear fruit ever more ...