Wednesday, June 11, 2008

André Surridge: TRAMPOLINE KID

Only seven-years-old my granddaughter Rachel is a very cheerful and lively little person. She asked me to watch her latest trick on the trampoline. The lovely spacious terraced garden of her home has wonderful views over Hamilton Lake.
in the lake
and in my granddaughter’s eyes
glistening light

Carefully stick in hand I made my way down the steps so that I had a good view of Rachel on the trampoline on the lowest terrace. She bounced up and down with great balance increasing the height of her bounce and then performed a spectacular forward spin, landed on her bottom and bounced back up onto her feet.

“Could you do that?” she asked.

“Never in a million years,” I replied.

Her response was staggeringly beautiful.

“Why is that, granddad? Weren’t trampolines invented when you were a boy?”
by André Surridge
Hamilton, New Zealand


haiku-shelf said...

"...Weren’t trampolines invented when you were a boy?"..."

I love this question at the end of this haibun!

Youth and age, today and past... -- a serious topic is brought to the reader with wisdom and humour.

Best regards,
Angelika Wienert (Oberhausen/Germany)

GINA said...

i loved this haibun ... beautiful, particularly the last stanza and haiku... nicely done >>> Gina