Sunday, September 7, 2008

Announcement: The Tanka Prose Anthology

Modern English Tanka Press Release

The Tanka Prose Anthology, edited with an superb Introduction by Jeffrey Woodward, includes cutting-edge tanka prose by an international coterie of writers. Represented in this ground-breaking anthology are: Hortensia Anderson, Marjorie Buettner, Sanford Goldstein, Larry Kimmel, Gary LeBel, Bob Lucky, Terra Martin, Giselle Maya, Linda Papanicolaou, Stanley Pelter, Patricia Prime, Jane Reichhold, Werner Reichhold, Miriam Sagan, Katherine Samuelowicz, Karma Tenzing Wangchuk, Linda Jeannette Ward, Michael Dylan Welch, and Jeffrey Woodward.

Baltimore, Maryland – September 5, 2008 – The Tanka Prose Anthology, edited with an Introduction by Jeffrey Woodward, has been published in trade paperback by Modern English Tanka Press. The Tanka Prose Anthology is vital evidence of the first flowering in English of an ancient Japanese genre—tanka prose, the wedding of prose and tanka in one unified composition. The great diversity in subject and style of the individual writings in this volume testifies to the versatility of this new medium in the hands of skilled practitioners. Whether the setting is urban or pastoral, an elegant interior or a rustic retreat, whether the time is contemporary and presently unfolding or archaic and retrospective, the revival of the ancient medium of tanka prose has proven equal to the immediate task. This first-of-its-kind collection draws upon the work of nineteen poets from eight different countries. The introduction offers a detailed survey of the genre’s history and of its evolving forms while an annotated bibliography directs the reader to related literature. Why is tanka prose so novel? Because it is so old. The present anthology announces that it is here to stay.

About Editor:

Jeffrey Woodward resides in Detroit. His poems and articles appear widely in periodicals in North America, Europe and Asia. He currently edits Haibun Today and acts in the capacity of Associate Editor for The Hypertexts. A collection of his Eastern and Western writings, In Passing: Selected Poems, 1974–2007, was recently published.

Available now from, from major booksellers, and from the publisher. Complete information and a mail or email order form are available online at Price: $12.95 USD. ISBN 978-0-9817691-3-4. Trade paperback. 176 pages, 6.00" x 9.00", perfect binding, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink, 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink.


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