Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jeffrey Woodward: PEACE AND PLENTY

the weathered slats
of a privacy fence,
front and back

The old neighborhood is still what it was, more or less, when I left it: parallel rows of wooden homes, lots apportioned with a view to equality, house after house raised uniformly upon one plain but serviceable plan.

This is where, with Hitler put to rest, our boys that would be coming home were housed—they, and their young families—and peace began.

Despite the cosmetic touch-up of new sod and siding or the cheery face-lift of a faux brick-front, the old neighborhood is still what it was—notwithstanding Korea or Vietnam.
by Jeffrey Woodward
Detroit, Michigan
first published in
Quartet (Teneriffe, Qld.: Post Pressed, 2008)

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Very fine, indeed.

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