Thursday, January 10, 2008


'All in the April evening' ― 'By the banks of green willow'

Our chosen cherry tree the one most open to the blue evening sky, some flowers fully open, others budding. A patch of grass with daisies and a single dandelion.

'Under the blossom that hangs on the bough' ― Sake

We pour the wine into tiny cups. A jogger jogs by.

Small girl, reaching up to the pink blooms, dancing ― man in a wheelchair calling back his dog ― child, cerise-trousered, trotting on a pony ― man in the field, bare-chested, training a horse.

The jogger jogs back. We drain the wine.

on a throw of petals ―
crow calls to crow

by Diana Webb
London, England
first published in Presence 33, Sept. 2007

Note: 'All in the April Evening,' a song by Hugh S Roberton,1874-1952. 'The Banks of Green Willow,' idyll by George Butterworth, 1885-1916 ( killed in World War 1).

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