Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sharon Auberle & Ralph Murre: Porte des Morts


crow and seagull

on whirling winds

a white orchid at the window



Dull olive of cedar outweighs other colors, rationed so carefully in northern winter. The ground is snow-covered; the sky gray; the bay, jagged slates, soon to be frozen. Slender crimson of osier, hue of salmon-flesh where the wind has stolen bark from birch. Rarely, salmon on the rocky foreshore to feed a gull or crow.


Winter reminds us that all things come and go. There is freedom in what remains—the bones, the wind, bare branches. An old man dies on an island.


out in the passage

a ferryman’s fog-signal

the great lake steaming



by Sharon Auberle & Ralph Murre

Sister Bay, Wisconsin

And Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

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Bruce Hodder said...

Fabulous. Love the title too.