Friday, December 18, 2009

Dana-Maria Onica: Untitled


Here was a lake surrounded by trees—oaks, as far as I remember.


Where is the tall grass? Where is the wind?


There is nothing left, only this sun killing all the seeds, to the last one, and us, its witnesses.


dying face—

the many open mouths

of the dry land



by Dana-Maria Onica

Petrosani, Romania

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Patrick said...

Hi Jeffrey,

I'm circulating this comment among other haiku poets & bloggers...

I was thinking of putting together a post of Solstice Haiku (or even haibun).

If everyone sends me a solstice haiku, including your readers, I'll put together something that we can all post at our respective blogs.

My E-Mail address is at my blog under Contact or, if interested, you can post it at my Guest Book.