Sunday, May 4, 2008


as I emerge with you
from darkness across
the ivy-garlanded sill
I enter a world
more inferred than real

can't you see
I share your lucidity
as I pass through
the open window into
a harbour of pink & red boats?

despite the dark
interior you capture
the quick-sleeved
transparency of light
dividing two worlds

Beautiful clear weather, sunny and warm by day, crisp and clear at night. The days spent with the usual lovely round of reading, the morning walk beside the river, through wildflowers, willows and mountain flax, watching for the blue herons, listening to the songs of fernbirds, thrushes and nightingale. Into town for coffee, then home again for lunch, siesta and writing. Finally, the evening meal by the fireside when the house is curtained and shuttered for the night, the cat has been let out, and the air begins to cool.

by Patricia Prime
Auckland, New Zealand

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