Saturday, May 17, 2008


Wearing bright-green Wellington-like water-proof boots and keeping a wandering steel-blue eye on the pleasing, designer-jean cheeks of the flouncy-haired blonde stepping assuredly in front of him, the esteemed balding field-science researcher clutches a soft, caramel-brown leather messenger bag with three, bulging red D-ring binders and strides confidently up the expanded jetway into the brilliant light of the arriving gate fresh from a meticulously-documented examination of the fractal-star crop circle on Silbury Hill located within a shillings throw of Wiltshire, England -- home to the Blind Bore Pub where a perfect-poured pint still waits for him in the dark-wood, dim-lit snug just opposite the 18th-century massive stone fireplace.

bulky shadows
a distant siren
defines distance

by Jeffrey Winke
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Alan Summers said...

Terrific haibun, very different, and I enjoyed the concluding haiku.

As someone who moved to Wiltshire a while ago, I have yet to enjoy this mythical Blind Bore pub. ;-)

But we do have fourth dimensional pubs in Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire too!

all my best,

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