Monday, August 17, 2009

Giselle Maya: Summer Breeze


at noon

it rises out of thin air

and glides

from afar

into the garden


through the valley wind sifts pollen

from the vessels of daylilies

and ruffles the cat’s tigered fur

white roses sigh near yellow evening primroses

corn leaves tremble and grow by leaps and bounds

zucchini blossoms of orange-yellow

cradle within green



does the glaucous

summer breeze

come from

where will it go


beans with white and violet blossoms tousled by wind’s fingertips

bow again and again how do they spin tiny beans out of blossoms


the tall borage with prickly leaves etches blue stars

the rose called ‘Joseph’s Coat’ is painted in shades

from lemon to wine-red

the feathers of nightingales are brushed

they lift their voices

in the high willow


in a hammock

the gardener closes her eyes


after sifting dark earth

to nourish growing plants


blue-green silk

noon wind

ripples water


to be alive


by Giselle Maya

Saint Martin de Castillon, France

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